COVID-19 Installer Relief Response
We are offering a $450 shipping credit to all of our customers. This will remain in effect until the end of March.
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Paramount Cares

Making an offer

In response to COVID-19 we are making an offer to our customers, in order to help relieve some of the pains our economy is facing in this difficult time.
We understand that there are direct and indirect impacts being faced by all of us and we wanted to offer our customers something that might help out.

Paramount Cares

A new experience for all of us

These last 6 weeks have been a very sobering experience and may end up creating long term damage to our lives, maybe even more than initially anticipated.


Our core values here at Paramount are to not only offer the best products on the market.

A difference

We differentiate ourselves by standing with our customers throughout the lifetimes or our relationships.


We are a core group of people that have been in this industry for a very long time. We know how to build a lining company. And we are going to help you build your liner companies.


We are not here to sell something that is not going to get put to use.


We are going to continue to support our customers with not only the equipment training, but how to implement our proven sales and marketing strategies.


Paramount Cares


We felt inaction was just wrong. At a time when we felt the world is doing its best to deal with our current situation. The best way to help out is to offer free shipping as our version of a stimulus package.


Some of the things we noticed were that some companies had to deal with being short-staffed. This can hurt your bottom line. Also, we found that some companies that usually came to pick up their products were unable to because they were having to pick up the slack for missing work and various other reasons.
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